Diagnostic Tests for Fever

Diagnostic Tests for Fever

In this blog, read about fever tests to do during monsoon. While Monsoon brings breather from the scorching heat of the summer, it also brings illnesses and diseases. Our body takes time to adapt to colder, humid weather. Especially children, senior citizens are more vulnerable at such times. Diseases like malaria, dengue and other water-borne infections are prevalent and could become life threatening.

Current pandemic of coronavirus (COVID) also causes fever. So differential diagnosis is very important to determine the cause of infection either bacterial, viral, parasite induced, autoimmune or any other.

Many of these diseases have one common symptom, that is FEVER. And to treat the particular disease it has to be differentiated and diagnosed first. To diagnose these cases, Fever Package or Fever Profile Panel by PRO diagnostics is very helpful. It includes a number of tests which help the treating doctor to differentiate between types of infection. If you are looking for a fever panel in pune then PRO diagnostics is the best pathology lab to get it done.

What is fever?

Fever is the temporary rise in the body temperature. Mostly it is due to the immune response by the body towards infection. The hypothalamus, a part of the brain which sits at the base is the body temperature controlling system. When the immune system identifies potential sites for trouble, it sends biochemical substances that trigger the hypothalamus. When the system recognizes these substances, which can also be released by pathogens, it instructs the body to generate and retain heat, thus inducing a fever.
The average temperature has traditionally been defined as 98.6 F (37 C). A temperature taken using a mouth thermometer (oral temperature) that’s 100 F (37.8 C) or higher is generally considered to be a fever.

What are the signs and symptoms of infection during monsoon?

Fever, Sweating, Chills and shivering, Headache, Muscle aches, Loss of appetite, Irritability, Dehydration, General weakness, Sore throat, Loose motions, burning micturition, Vomiting etc.
If you are having continuous fever, you must consult a doctor as disease progression in some of the infections can be very fast and lethal. And accurate treatment can be given only after accurate diagnosis.

When do you need fever tests?


Hemogram also known as Complete Blood Count (CBC) is an important test to know the body’s response to the fever. CBC contains levels of hemoglobin, white blood cells count, red blood cells count, platelet count etc. In any type of infection, there will be a change in white blood cells count. High levels of neutrophils suggest bacterial infection. High levels of lymphocytes suggest viral infection. During dengue there will be gradual decrease in platelet count during progression of the disease.

PBS - Peripheral Blood Smear –

A slide is prepared using the blood drop and examined under microscope. A Pathologist determines the cell morphology of blood cells in this process. In case of malaria, malarial parasites can be identified in the blood smear by the Pathologist.


An erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is a type of blood test that measures how quickly erythrocytes (red blood cells) settle at the bottom of a test tube that contains a blood sample. Normally, red blood cells settle relatively slowly. A faster-than-normal rate may indicate inflammation in the body. Inflammation is part of your immune response system. It can be a reaction to an infection or injury. Inflammation may also be a sign of a chronic disease, an immune disorder, or other medical condition. Inflammation is the main cause of fever.

Malaria Tests -

Malaria is a very common monsoon disease caused by the malarial parasite. It is transferred from person to person through mosquitoes (Vector borne disease). As mentioned earlier malarial parasites can be seen on peripheral blood smear which is a confirmatory test. It can be diagnosed through a kit-based test which is also known as an antigen test for malaria. Antigen test is a rapid test and requires confirmation through smear examination by pathologist.

Dengue Tests –

Dengue tests are of two types – NS1 antigen test and IgM/IgG Antibody tests.
NS1 antigen is detectable after 24 hrs. of infection. So, after fever onset NS1 antigen test can be done from 2-5 days.
IgM antibodies are detectable after 4-5 days of infection and IgG antibodies can be detectable after 10-12 days of infection. Depending upon the disease progression blood tests are done.

Widal test or Typhoid test –

Widal test is done to diagnose typhoid caused by bacteria, Salmonella Typhi. Typhoid is water borne disease i.e., transmitted through contaminated water. Widal Test is an agglutination test which detects the presence of serum agglutinins (H and O) in patients’ serum with typhoid and paratyphoid fever.

SGOT, SGPT (Liver Function Tests) - serum glutamic-oxaloacetic transaminase & serum glutamate pyruvate transaminase –

SGOT & SGPT are basically liver function tests which are important markers for determining progression of the disease. Particularly in Dengue or typhoid fever, SGOT & SGPT levels provide disease severity which help in management of the disease.


The C-reactive protein (CRP) test is used to find inflammation in your body. This test measures the amount of CRP in your blood. CRP is a protein made by the liver and sent into the bloodstream. Blood levels may be higher when you have inflammation or an infection. Because CRP levels often go up before you have symptoms of pain or fever and drop down as you recover, the CRP test is especially useful for tracking infections. During Coronavirus infection, CRP levels are very high.

Urine Routine Examination –

Urinary tract infections are very common in children, females and diabetic patients. During monsoon, due to humid weather fungal infections are very common leading to urinary tract infections. Urine routine examination helps to determine any signs of infection such as pus cells, red blood cells, change in ph etc.

Along with above-mentioned tests which are part of Fever Panel or Fever profile package of PRO diagnostics, chikungunya, Leptospira, Coronavirus tests are also available.

What is the cost of the Fever Panel or Fever Profile package or Fever tests in Pune?

At PRO diagnostics, PRO Fever Package is available at just ₹ 1500 ( MRP ₹2500 )

CBC cost in Pune – ₹250

ESR cost in Pune – ₹100

Malaria test in Pune – ₹350

Dengue NS1 or Dengue IgM test in Pune – ₹600 each

Widal or Typhoid test in Pune – ₹400

SGPT and SGOT cost in Pune – ₹300

CRP test in Pune – ₹350

Urine Routine Analysis cost in Pune – ₹150

At PRO diagnostics, all these are available. Best part is you don’t need to go out in this rainy season to give your blood sample, our experienced phlebotomist will visit your home for blood collection.
At PRO diagnostics, you will get all these tests at best rates. PRO diagnostics is a modern fully computerized Pathology lab in Pune. It is situated at Kothrud, Pune. Dr. Chaitrangi Paranjape (M.D. Pathology) is the owner and chief pathologist at PRO diagnostics. With the help of experienced staff and modern technologies PRO diagnostics are providing all types of pathology reports promptly & accurately.

*PRO diagnostics also provides Home Collection Services so you don’t need to step out of your home for any pathology tests.

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