What is the cost of Kidney Function Test (RFT test)?

At Pro diagnostics, we do kidney function test (urea, creatinine, uric acid) at ₹500 and electrolytes at ₹500. A kidney function test (KFT) is a blood test that determines how well your kidneys work. Your body is a super machine that performs incredible operations related to manufacturing, processing, sorting, and so on. Similarly, to machinery, certain waste products are produced by the body’s numerous metabolic activities. So, how is this waste disposed of? Through your kidneys.

What is kidney function?

Each person has a pair of kidneys located on the posterior abdominal wall below ribs. The normal function of the kidney includes filtering the waste products out of human blood and excreting them in the urine. Apart from filtering roles, there are other roles including synthesis of Vitamin D, hemoglobin, and certain hormones that are needed for maintaining the blood pressure. Abnormalities with one or both kidneys can be identified with the presence of certain signs, symptoms, and diagnostic tests.

What is kidney function test?

Kidney function test (rft test) involves following blood tests:

  • Serum Creatinine: Your muscles have a high-energy molecule, called creatine phosphate. Creatinine is the by-product of creatine phosphate, which is produced at a constant rate and cleared from the blood by the kidneys. If the creatinine clearance is decreased, it results in increased blood (or serum) creatinine.

The normal range of creatinine for an adult, 0.74 to 1.35 mg/dL

  • Serum Urea (Blood Urea Nitrogen -BUN): Urea or blood urea nitrogen (BUN) is a substance formed in the liver as the end product of protein metabolism and the urea cycle. Around 85% of urea is excreted via kidneys and the remaining is eliminated via the gastric tract. In case of kidney impairment, blood urea levels rise. However, urea may also increase in other conditions unrelated to kidney diseases like dehydration, and high protein diets.

The normal range of urea in an adult: 6-24 mg/dL

  • Uric acid: By the breakdown of purines uric acid is produced. Purines are nitrogen-containing compounds found within the cells of the body, including our DNA. If an excessive amount of acid is produced or not enough is removed, it can accumulate within the body, causing increased levels within the blood (hyperuricemia).

Normal values range between 3.5 to 7.2 (mg/dL).

  • Electrolytes: Electrolytes are minerals present in the blood and body fluids that facilitate several body functions. They can be positively or negatively charged. An electrolyte test helps monitor the body’s electrolyte levels and is a strong indicator of how well your kidneys are functioning. Sodium, potassium, and chloride are some of the main electrolytes.

Normal levels for adults:

Sodium: 135-145 mmol/L

Potassium: 3.6-5.2 mmol/L

Chloride: 98-107 mmol/L


  • Who should do kidney function test?

Patients with following symptoms should undergo kidney function test to rule out any kidney disease or deranged function.

Traces of blood in the urine, frequent or reduced frequency of urination, trouble initiating urination, painful urination, swelling of hands and feet due to excessive buildup of fluids in the body, fever with chills and rigors

Kidney function test is also deranged in diabetes mellitus, hypertension (high blood pressure), polycystic kidney disease, inflammation of kidney

People who have family history of hereditary kidney disorders.

If you are into hard core exercising and visit a gym for body building, consult your physician before taking heavy protein or creatinine supplements. Also keep monitoring your Kidney Function tests at regular intervals.

What is the cost Kidney Function Test (RFT test) in Pune?

At Pro diagnostics, we provide Kidney Function Test at ₹500 that includes, Serum creatinine (₹180), Uric Acid (₹160), Urea or Bun (₹160).

Electrolytes are available at ₹500 which includes (Sodium, Potassium and chlorides).

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Can your kidney function get better?

Kidney disease can be treated if diagnosed well within time. Advanced treatment options are also available to help delay or prevent kidney failure in severe kidney damage. You can do following things to improve kidney function:

  • Maintain your blood pressure, blood glucose, and blood cholesterol within target range.
  • Cut back on salt and choose a balanced diet.
  • Keep yourself physically active.
  • Take medicines the way your provider tells you to.
  • Do not self-medicate.
  • Get tested from time to time to keep an eye on kidney health.


Recognition and awareness of warning signs and timely intervention can make the difference between early detection and treatment of kidney disorder or kidney failure which could end up with dialysis, kidney transplant, or even death.

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